100 famous castles in JapanList

The 100 Famous Castles of Japan are the famous castles designated by the Japan Castle Association.
Like Japan's 100 Famous Castles, it was established with the aim of raising awareness of castles and castle ruins, which are cultural heritage sites that represent Japan, and promoting local culture.
It was selected by a selection committee consisting of six castle experts commissioned by the association based on the same selection criteria as Japan's 100 Famous Castles.

NO.Castle nameplace
2Kaminokuni KatsuyamakanHokkaido
3Namioka CastleAomori Prefecture
4Kunohe CastleIwate Prefecture
5Shiroishi CastleMiyagi Prefecture
6Wakimoto CastleAkita
7Akita CastleAkita
8Tsurugaoka CastleYamagata Prefecture
9Yonezawa CastleYamagata Prefecture
10Miharu CastleFukushima Prefecture
11Mukai Haguroyama CastleFukushima Prefecture
12Kasama CastleIbaraki Prefecture
13Tsuchiura CastleIbaraki Prefecture
14Karasawayama CastleTochigi Prefecture
15Famous walnut castleGunma Prefecture
16Numata CastleGunma Prefecture
17Iwato CastleGunma Prefecture
19Sugiyama CastleSaitama
21Honsakura CastleChiba prefecture
22Otaki CastleChiba prefecture
23Takiyama CastleTokyo
24Shinagawa DaibaTokyo
25Kozue CastleKanagawa Prefecture
26Ishigakiyama CastleKanagawa Prefecture
27Shinfu CastleYamanashi Prefecture
28Fortress mountain castleYamanashi Prefecture
29Tatsuoka CastleNagano Prefecture
30Takashima CastleNagano Prefecture
31Murakami CastleNiigata Prefecture
32Takada CastleNiigata Prefecture
33Samegao CastleNiigata Prefecture
34Toyama CastleToyama Prefecture
35Masuyama CastleToyama Prefecture
36Torigoe CastleIshikawa Prefecture
37Fukui CastleFukui prefecture
38Echizen Ono CastleFukui prefecture
39Sagaki Kuniyoshi CastleFukui prefecture
40Genbao CastleFukui prefectureShiga Prefecture
41Gujo Hachiman CastleGifu Prefecture
42Naegi CastleGifu Prefecture
43Mino Kanayama CastleGifu Prefecture
44Ogaki CastleGifu Prefecture
45Kokokuji CastleShizuoka Prefecture
46Suwahara CastleShizuoka Prefecture
47Takatenjin CastleShizuoka Prefecture
48Hamamatsu CastleShizuoka Prefecture
49Komakiyama CastleAichi prefecture
50old palaceAichi prefecture
51Yoshida CastleAichi prefecture
52Tsu CastleMie Prefecture
53Taki Kitabatake Castle HouseMie Prefecture
54Tamaru CastleMie Prefecture
55Akagi CastleMie Prefecture
56kamaba castleShiga Prefecture
57Hachimanyama CastleShiga Prefecture
58Fukuchiyama CastleKyoto
59Akutagawa Mountain CastleOsaka Prefecture
60Iimori CastleOsaka Prefecture
61Kishiwada CastleOsaka Prefecture
62Izushi Castle/Arikoyama CastleHyogo prefecture
63Kuroi CastleHyogo prefecture
64Sumoto CastleHyogo prefecture
65Yamatokoriyama CastleNara Prefecture
66Uda Matsuyama CastleNara Prefecture
67Shingu CastleWakayama Prefecture
68Wakasa OnigajoTottori prefecture
69Yonago CastleTottori prefecture
70Hamada CastleShimane Prefecture
71Bitchu Takamatsu CastleOkayama Prefecture
72Mihara CastleHiroshima
73Shintakayama CastleHiroshima
74Ouchi clan mansion/Takamine castleYamaguchi Prefecture
75Shozui CastleTokushima
76Ichinomiya CastleTokushima
77Hikita CastleKagawa Prefecture
78Noshima CastleEhime Prefecture
79Kawagomori CastleEhime Prefecture
80Oka ToyoshiroKochi Prefecture
81Kokura CastleFukuoka Prefecture
82MizukiFukuoka Prefecture
83Kurume CastleFukuoka Prefecture
84base castleFukuoka PrefectureSaga Prefecture
85Karatsu CastleSaga Prefecture
86Kaneda CastleNagasaki Prefecture
87Fukue CastleNagasaki Prefecture
88Hara CastleNagasaki Prefecture
89Marichi CastleKumamoto Prefecture
90Yatsushiro CastleKumamoto Prefecture
91Nakatsu CastleOita Prefecture
92Kamure CastleOita Prefecture
93Usuki CastleOita Prefecture
94Saeki CastleOita Prefecture
95Nobeoka CastleMiyazaki prefecture
96Sadowara CastleMiyazaki prefecture
97Shibushi CastleKagoshima prefecture
98Chiran CastleKagoshima prefecture
99Zakimi CastleOkinawa Prefecture
100Katsuren CastleOkinawa Prefecture