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Kyushu, which has had active trade with Asia since ancient times, is attractive for its mild climate. Yakushima, which is rich in nature, has four World Heritage Sites: ``Sites of Japan's Meiji Industrial Revolution, including Gunkanjima,'' ``Munakata/Okinoshima Island, an island where the gods dwell, and related sites,'' and ``Hidden Christian Sites in Nagasaki and Amakusa Region.'' It is a diverse area where you can enjoy history, culture, and nature all at once. There are also plenty of hot springs such as Beppu Onsen, Kurokawa Onsen, and Yufuin Onsen. There are many unique castles all over the country, such as Kumamoto Castle, one of Japan's three famous castles, Nakatsu Castle, one of Japan's three major water castles, and Oka Castle, which is associated with Rentaro Taki.

  • Kumamoto Castle
  • Shimabara Castle
  • Karatsu Castle
  • Obi Castle
  • Usuki Castle
  • Hitoyoshi Castle
  • Hirado Castle
  • Oka Castle

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