Castle tourism in Osaka Prefecture

Osaka is an international commercial city with Kansai International Airport, the gateway to the west. Leisure facilities such as Universal Studios Japan, downtown areas such as Dotonbori, and commercial facilities such as Abeno Harukas are also popular. There are many local gourmet foods such as takoyaki and okonomiyaki, and it is also known as the "town of foodies." On the other hand, historical spots such as Osaka Castle, which was the setting for Osaka's Winter Jin and Summer Jin, Sumiyoshi Taisha, the main headquarters of Sumiyoshi Shrine, Sanko Shrine, which is connected to Yukimura Sanada, and Shitennoji, which was founded in the Asuka period, are still preserved. I am.

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  • Kishiwada Castle
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Travel and castles in Osaka Prefecture

Travel and Castle vol.4|Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
vol.4 “Osaka Castle”, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Tour around Osaka
Yukimura Sanada and Osaka Castle
  • day walkSukedachiya Juhachiban WorkshopSukedachiya Juhachiban Workshop
  • ChausuyamaChausuyama
  • Yasui ShrineYasui Shrine
  • Sanko ShrineSanko Shrine
  • Tamatsukuri Inari ShrineTamatsukuri Inari Shrine
  • Osaka CastleOsaka Castle
  • DotonboriDotonbori
  • interviewSuketachiya Juhachiban Representative Hanamine NonouchiSuketachiya Juhachiban Representative Hanamine Nonouchi
  • best shotOsaka Castle, today's photoOsaka Castle, today's photo

Castle tourism in Osaka Prefecture

Contains castle tourism information in Osaka Prefecture.

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