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Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is a metropolis with a mix of cutting-edge culture and history. While there are hotels and commercial facilities that are opening one after another, and futuristic landmarks such as the Tokyo Sky Tree, there are also downtown areas that retain the atmosphere of the Edo period, such as Asakusa, Fukagawa, and Monzen-nakacho. There are also plenty of historical spots, including Edo Castle and Meiji Shrine. There are also many museums, including the Tokyo National Museum and the Edo-Tokyo Museum. If you go to the suburbs, you can also enjoy nature such as Mt. Takao. The Ogasawara Islands, which have been selected as a World Natural Heritage Site, are actually located within Tokyo.

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Travel and Castle vol.2 | Jindaiji Temple, Chofu City, Tokyo
vol.2 Jindaiji Castle, Chofu City, Tokyo
A green temple town,
Jindaiji and castle tour
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  • day walkSucceedSucceed
  • Jindaiji StreetJindaiji Street
  • Sparrow's InnSparrow's Inn
  • Jindaiji TempleJindaiji Temple
  • Jindai Botanical ParkJindai Botanical Park
  • Jindaiji food tourJindaiji food tour
  • Kitaro ChayaKitaro Chaya
  • Jindaiji Castle RuinsJindaiji Castle Ruins
  • Yumori no SatoYumori no Sato

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