Castle tourism in Nagano Prefecture

Nagano Prefecture, a mountainous prefecture with three Alps, has many highland resorts such as Karuizawa, Tateshina, Hakuba, and Kamikochi, and activities such as skiing and mountain climbing are also popular. There are many historical spots such as Matsumoto Castle, a national treasure with an existing castle tower, Takashima Castle along Lake Suwa, and Ueda Castle, which is associated with the Sanada clan, as well as famous temples and shrines such as Suwa Taisha, Togakushi Shrine, and Zenkoji Temple. It is also a ``hot spring country'' that boasts the second largest number of hot springs in Japan, and you can enjoy hot springs of various quality, including Nozawa Onsen and Shirahone Onsen. Don't forget to try gourmet foods such as Shinshu soba.

  • Matsumoto Castle
  • Matsushiro Castle
  • Takashima Castle
  • Ueda Castle
  • Komoro Castle

Travel and castles in Nagano Prefecture

Travel and Castle vol.7|Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture
vol.7 Takashima Castle, Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture
Nobue Ikeya
Watch fireworks at Takashima Castle
  • interviewinterviewNobue Ikeya learns about Takashima Castle
  • Kamisuwa Lake Suwa travel storyTakashima CastleTakashima Castle
  • Sumikamado Suwa storeSumikamado Suwa store
  • Suwa Lake Festival Lake Fireworks FestivalSuwa Lake Festival Lake Fireworks Festival
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  • Lake Suwa Geyser CenterLake Suwa Geyser Center
  • KatakurakanKatakurakan
  • Akizuki soba main storeAkizuki soba main store
  • Kamisuwa cityscapeKamisuwa cityscape
  • Lake SuwaLake Suwa

Castle tourism in Nagano Prefecture

Contains castle tourism information in Nagano Prefecture.

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