Castle tourism in Ibaraki Prefecture

Ibaraki Prefecture is a place where historical spots from the Mito domain era still remain. Kairakuen, one of Japan's top three gardens famous for plum blossoms, and attractive castle ruins such as Mito Castle and Kasama Castle remain. There are also spots where you can feel nature, such as Hitachi Seaside Park, where you can enjoy seasonal flowers such as nemophila, and Fukuroda Falls, one of Japan's top three waterfalls. Museums where you can learn about cutting-edge science and technology are also popular, including the Ushiku Daibutsu, one of the world's largest statues with a total length of 120 meters, and the JAXA Tsukuba Space Center in Tsukuba Science City.

  • mito castle
  • Toyota Castle
  • Tsuchiura Castle

Castle tourism in Ibaraki Prefecture

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