Castle tourism in Gunma Prefecture

Gunma prefecture is famous for its hot springs such as Kusatsu and Ikaho. There are many spots where you can get in touch with nature, such as Mt. Tanigawa, Lake Haruna, which boasts the second highest elevation difference in Japan, and Lake Oku-Shima with its beautiful sky blue surface. There are many mountains, and activities such as mountain climbing and skiing are popular. Gunma Prefecture was once the province of Ueno, which was fought over by Uesugi, Takeda, and Hojo during the Sengoku period, so there are many castle ruins scattered throughout the prefecture. Famous include the Sanada clan's Numata Castle Ruins, Takasaki Castle built by Ii Naomasa, and Minowa Castle, which defended Takeda Shingen's attacks many times.

  • Takasaki Castle
  • Numata Castle
  • Minowa Castle

Castle tourism in Gunma Prefecture

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