Castle tourism in Akita Prefecture

Akita Prefecture is surrounded by nature, including Lake Towada and the World Heritage Site Shirakami Mountains. It is also known for hot springs such as Nyuto Onsen and Tamagawa Onsen. In the summer, the city is famous for the Omagari Fireworks, which have been going on since 1910, and the Akita Kanto Festival, where poles are made to look like ears of rice. It is known as an area with some of the heaviest snowfall, and traditional winter events such as Namahage in Oga Peninsula and Kamakura in Yokote are also popular. Kakunodate, known as ``Michinoku no Kyoto,'' is a cherry blossom viewing spot that everyone should visit at least once. Let's take a stroll through the streets lined with traditional samurai residences from the Edo period.

Castle tourism in Akita Prefecture

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