Castle tourism in Aichi Prefecture

Aichi Prefecture is home to historical spots such as Nagoya Castle, known for its Golden Shachihoko, Inuyama Castle, a national treasure with the oldest existing wooden castle tower in Japan, and Atsuta Shrine, which was visited by many military commanders. Also pay attention to museums such as the Port of Nagoya Aquarium and the Maglev and Railway Museum. Factory tours unique to the Chukyo factory area and theme parks such as Laguna Ten Bosch and Legoland® Japan are also highlights. Nagoya food such as miso stewed udon and hitsumabushi will add color to your trip.

  • Inuyama Castle
  • Nagoya Castle
  • Kiyosu Castle
  • Okazaki Castle
  • Nishio Castle
  • Yoshida Castle
  • Nagashino Castle
  • Komakiyama Castle

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