Castle tourism in Kochi Prefecture

Kochi Prefecture, known as the birthplace of Ryoma Sakamoto, is rich in areas such as the Shimanto River, said to be ``Japan's last clear stream,'' the Niyodo River, known for its ``Niyodo Blue,'' ``Ryugado Cave,'' one of Japan's three largest limestone caves, Cape Ashizuri, and Cape Muroto. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery created by nature. There are also plenty of activities at the sea and rivers. In addition to Kochi Castle, an existing castle tower built by Kazutoyo Yamauchi, Kochi City also has spots associated with great figures from the end of the Edo period, including Ryoma Sakamoto, who is represented by Katsurahama. Many people visit the Yosakoi Festival every August.

  • Kochi Castle
  • Oka Toyoshiro
  • Urado Castle
  • Kaizumi Shrine

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