Castle tourism in Nagasaki Prefecture

Nagasaki, which has developed as a key point for maritime transportation since ancient times, is characterized by its exotic townscape. Nagasaki City is lined with spots related to the end of the Edo period and the Meiji Restoration, including Glover Garden, and is also famous for its night view. There are 20 registered spots in two World Heritage Sites, including Oura Cathedral and Gunkanjima, and there are plenty of themed courses. The Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum conveys the tragedy of the atomic bomb. There are 594 islands within the prefecture, the most in Japan, and we also recommend remote island sightseeing such as the Goto Islands, Iki, and Tsushima, which have unique cultures.

  • Shimabara Castle
  • Hirado Castle
  • Kushima Castle

Castle tourism in Nagasaki Prefecture

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