Castle tourism in Nara Prefecture

Nara is known as an ancient capital with many shrines and temples that have been around since ancient times, such as World Heritage Sites Todaiji, Kofukuji, and Kasuga Taisha. Naramachi, lined with old-fashioned townhouses, is a popular spot where you can enjoy a retro and stylish walk. Asuka is lined with ancient tombs such as Ishibutai Kofun, and is an area where you can feel a long history. Mt. Yoshino, which follows the Kumano Kodo, is a famous spot for cherry blossoms that has been written about in many waka poems. Castles such as Takatori Castle, one of Japan's three major mountain castles, and Yamatokoriyama Castle, which is associated with Tsutsui Sadakiro and Toyotomi Hidenaga, are also highlights.

  • koriyama castle
  • Takatori Castle
  • Shigiyama Castle
  • Tamon Castle
  • Todaiji Temple

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