Komakiyama CastleKomaki City, Aichi Prefecture

Komakiyama Castle in winter 1Komaki Yamashiro in winter 2Komaki Yamashiro in winter 3Komakiyama Castle in winter 4Komakiyama Castle in winter 5
  • Komakiyama Castle in winter 1
  • Komaki Yamashiro in winter 2
  • Komaki Yamashiro in winter 3
  • Komakiyama Castle in winter 4
  • Komakiyama Castle in winter 5
Komaki Yamashiro DATA
castle construction1563
address1-1 Horinouchi, Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture
telephone number0568-72-0712
Opening hours9:00-16:30
closing day3rd Thursday of the month (if it falls on a holiday, the next weekday), year-end and New Year holidays (December 29th to January 3rd)
Admission feeAdults 100 yen / Junior high school students and under free

A mountain castle steeped in history, famous for being the site of the Battle of Komaki and Nagakute.

Access to Komakiyama Castle
From Komaki Station on the Meitetsu Komaki Line, get off at the Komaki City Hall stop on the Komaki Loop Bus, Peach Bus, Toyoyama Town Bus, or Meitetsu Bus.

HISTORYAbout Komakiyama Castle

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Battle of Komaki and NagakuteToyotomi Hideyoshi vs Tokugawa Ieyasu
The only battle in which Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu faced each other directly was the Battle of Komaki and Nagakute in 1584. Approximately two years have passed since the Honnoji Incident in 1582, when Oda Nobunaga was defeated. There was Hideyoshi who killed Mitsuhide Akechi.
Battle of Komaki and Nagakute
Battle of Inabayama CastleOda Nobunaga conquers Mino
In August 1567, Oda Nobunaga attacked Inabayama Castle, the stronghold of the Saito clan in Mino Province (Gifu Prefecture), defeated Tatsuoki Saito, and conquered Mino. After this battle, known as the ``Battle of Inabayama Castle'', Nobunaga took over Inabayama Castle as ``
Battle of Inabayama Castle

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Oda NobunagaA military commander who fell before the unification of the country
What impression do you have of Oda Nobunaga, who is extremely well known and popular among the Sengoku warlords? He is not only considered one of the three great heroes, but is also a military commander with many ups and downs, from his battle episodes to his innovative side and even his tragic death. Decision
Oda Nobunaga
Nagahide NiwaA military commander who was highly trusted by Oda Nobunaga
During the Sengoku period, it was essential for feudal lords to recruit new retainers who were skilled in military force and strategy, but they also needed retainers who could be trusted and served for generations, and family members.
Nagahide Niwa
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