Castle tourism in Gifu Prefecture

Gifu Prefecture, which is associated with Oda Nobunaga, has many unique places such as Nobunaga's residence, Gifu Castle, Japan's oldest rebuilt wooden castle, Gujo Hachiman Castle, Ishida Mitsunari's home base, Ogaki Castle, and Sunomata-Kokura Castle, which is said to have been built by Hideyoshi. There are many castles. Mino's ``udatsu rising townscape'' and Hida Takayama's charming old-fashioned townscape are perfect for a stroll. The sight of the Gassho-zukuri buildings lined up in Shirakawa-go, a World Heritage Site, is a spectacular view that gives you a sense of Japan's original landscape. There is also Gero Onsen, one of Japan's top three hot springs. From spring to autumn, you can watch cormorant fishing on the Nagara River.

  • Gifu Castle
  • Ogaki Castle
  • Gujo Hachiman Castle
  • Sunomata Night Castle
  • Naegi Castle

Castle tourism in Gifu Prefecture

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