Castle tourism in Oita Prefecture

Oita Prefecture is Japan's number one hot spring prefecture with over 5,000 hot springs. Beppu Onsen, famous for its hell tours and hell steaming, has many hot springs, including Yufuin Onsen, where you can enjoy rural scenery. Historic sites such as Nakatsu Castle, one of Japan's three major water castles, Oka Castle, famous for Rentaro Taki's ``The Moon of the Ruined Castle,'' Usa Jingu, the headquarters of Hachiman Shrine, and the Usuki Stone Buddha, a national treasure, are also worth seeing. Kuju Kogen, a highland resort, is located in a corner of Aso-Kuju National Park, which spans Kumamoto Prefecture. A drive along the Yamanami Highway is also recommended.

  • Funai Castle
  • Kitsuki Castle
  • Nakatsu Castle
  • Usuki Castle
  • Oka Castle
  • Hiji castle ruins
  • Kibune Castle
  • Aki Castle Ruins
  • Yawata Nata Shrine

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