Toyama CastleToyama City, Toyama Prefecture

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Toyama Castle DATA
Other nameAnju castle, floating castle
castle construction1543
address1-62 Honmaru, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture

The castle of the Etchu Maeda family, a branch of the Kaga Maeda family. Because the castle used the flow of the Jinzu River (present-day Matsukawa) to defend itself, it appeared to be floating on water, earning it the nickname "floating castle" and being said to be difficult to attack.

Access to Toyama Castle
10 minutes walk from the south exit of Toyama Station on the JR/Ainokaze Toyama Railway.

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Battle of Suemori CastleToshiie Maeda is in a big pinch! Confronted Narimasa Sassa in Hokuriku
Toshiie Maeda was a close aide to Oda Nobunaga, ran the government as one of Toyotomi Hideyoshi's five elders, and built Kaga Hyakumangoku. The battle that Toshiie found himself in a big crisis was on September 9, 1584, at Suemori Castle in Noto Province (present-day Ishikawa Prefecture).
Battle of Suemori Castle

History of the Toyama Domain, with Toyama Castle as the domain office

Plum bowl

Maeda family crest “Umebachi”

Toyama Clan DATA
Domain officeToyama Castle
old areaToyama, Shinkawa District, Etchu Province
stone height100,000 koku
main lordMr. Maeda
Estimated population120,000 people (first year of Meiji)

It began when Toshitsune Maeda of the Kaga Domain gave 100,000 koku of Toyama to his second son Tositsugu. The second generation, Shoho, established the prototype of medicine sellers in Toyama.

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