Castle tourism in Fukushima prefecture

Fukushima Prefecture is the third largest prefecture in Japan, and the most famous area is the Aizu area in the east. There are many historical spots that retain traces of the Aizu clan, and Aizuwakamatsu has places where you can feel the samurai culture, such as Tsuruga Castle and the Aizu Samurai Residence. Ouchi-juku, which flourished as a post town, preserves the scenery of good old Japan. Urabandai, including Goshikinuma, is famous as a highland resort. In addition, there are Iizaka Onsen and Shirakawa Komine Castle in the Nakadori area of the central part, and an aquarium and a cycling road along the coast in Hamadori in the west.

  • Tsuruga Castle
  • Shirakawa Komine Castle
  • Nihonmatsu Castle
  • Fukushima Castle

Travel and castles in Fukushima prefecture

Travel and Castle vol.5|Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture
vol.5 “Tsuruga Castle”, Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture
Tsuruga Castle in the snow
Aizuwakamatsu stroll trip
  • day walkTsuruga CastleTsuruga Castle
  • TonteiTontei
  • Aizu samurai residenceAizu samurai residence
  • Oyakuen GardenOyakuen Garden
  • Nanokamachi StreetNanokamachi Street
  • Lake InawashiroLake Inawashiro
  • interviewPro wrestler Endo ArisuProfessional wrestler Arisu Endo
  • best shotAizuwakamatsu, today's photoAizuwakamatsu, today's photo

Castle tourism in Fukushima prefecture

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