Tsuchiura CastleTsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture

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Tsuchiura Castle DATA
Other nameKamishiro
castle construction1429
address1-13 Chuo, Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Access to Tsuchiura Castle
15 minutes walk from the west exit (Kamejo Koen exit) of Tsuchiura Station on the JR Joban Line.

History of the Tsuchiura clan, whose domain office is Tsuchiura Castle

three stones

Tsuchiya family crest “three stones”

Tsuchiura Domain DATA
Domain officeTsuchiura Castle
old areaNiiharu District, Hitachi Province
stone height35,000 koku
main lordWakaizumi clan, Oda clan, Matsudaira clan, Nishio family, Kuchiki family, Tsuchiya family

Shinichi Matsudaira of the Fujii Matsudaira family established his domain with 35,000 koku. After that, after passing through the Nishio family and the Kuchiki family, Kazunao Tsuchiya, an old man, joined the family. Although it was temporarily replaced by the Okochi Matsudaira family, it was re-held by the Tsuchiya family, an old vassal of the Takeda family. It remained in power until the end of the Edo period. It also has deep connections with the Mito clan.

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