Sadowara CastleMiyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture

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Sadowara Castle DATA
Other nameTajima Castle, Tsurumatsu Castle
castle constructionmid 14th century
address8227-1 Uedajima, Sadowara-cho, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture
telephone number0985-74-1518
Opening hours9:00-16:30 (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only)
closing dayDecember 29th - January 3rd
Admission feefree
Access to Sadowara Castle
Immediately get off at the bus stop "Kyushu Center-mae" bound for Saito.

HISTORYAbout Sadowara Castle

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Kyushu pacificationHideyoshi defeated Shimazu and took control of Kyushu.
Toyotomi Hideyoshi succeeded Oda Nobunaga and promoted the unification of Japan. Hideyoshi made his biggest rival, Tokugawa Ieyasu, a vassal after the Battle of Komaki and Nagakute in 1584, and in 1585 he defeated Motochika Chosokabe and conquered Shikoku.
Kyushu pacification
Battle of MimikawaThe strongest Shimazu clan in Kyushu shows its true potential and defeats the Otomo clan
During the Sengoku period, Kyushu was known as the ``Kyushu Sangokushi,'' a state in which three clans, the Otomo clan, the Shimazu clan, and the Ryuzoji clan, fought against each other. Meanwhile, in 1578, the Otomo clan and the Shimazu clan fought in Takagikawara, Hyuga Province (present-day Kijyo-cho, Miyazaki Prefecture), called the Battle of Mimikawa.
Battle of Mimikawa

History of the Sadowara clan, whose domain office is Sadowara Castle

10 in a circle

Shimazu family crest: “Circle and 10”

Sadowara Domain DATA
Domain officeSadowara Castle
old areaNaka District and Koyu District, Hyuga Province
stone height30,000 koku
main lordShimazu family
Estimated population26,000 people (first year of the Meiji era)
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