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Inuyama Castle

What is a japan travel samurai?

japan travel samurai is an information media that introduces famous castles across Japan.
There are a variety of castles with existing castle towers, castles that no longer exist, and castles with recreated castle towers.
We will introduce such castles along with their history and stories.


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Nakijin Castle
travel and castle
``Tabi to Castle'' is a web magazine that travels through castles, and is a free e-magazine that allows you to visit towns with castles along with the castles.
Travel and Castle vol.1 | Setagaya Ward, TokyoTravel and Castle vol.2 | Jindaiji Temple, Chofu City, TokyoTravel and Castle vol.3|Odawara City, Kanagawa PrefectureTravel and Castle vol.4|Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Castle information
We will introduce castles across the country by area.
Himeji castle
You can read articles about historical figures, incidents, and clans.
Onin War

Majestic castles all over the country
I want to give people the opportunity to visit castles around the country through japan travel samurai.
With that in mind, we operate japan travel samurai.