100 famous castles in JapanList

Japan's 100 Famous Castles are the famous castles designated by the Japan Castle Association.
The purpose was to raise awareness of castles and castle ruins, which are representative cultural heritage sites in Japan, and to promote local culture.
Japan's 100 famous castles include at least one castle and no more than five castles in each prefecture.

NO.Castle nameplace
1Nemuro Peninsula Chashi RuinsHokkaido
3Matsumae CastleHokkaido
4Hirosaki CastleAomori Prefecture
5NejoAomori Prefecture
6morioka castleIwate Prefecture
7TagajoMiyagi Prefecture
8Sendai CastleMiyagi Prefecture
9Kubota CastleAkita
10Yamagata CastleYamagata Prefecture
11Nihonmatsu CastleFukushima Prefecture
12Aizuwakamatsu CastleFukushima Prefecture
13Shirakawa Komine CastleFukushima Prefecture
14mito castleIbaraki Prefecture
15Ashikaga family mansionTochigi Prefecture
16Minowa CastleGunma Prefecture
17Kanayama CastleGunma Prefecture
18bowl-shaped castleSaitama
19Kawagoe CastleSaitama
20Sakura CastleChiba prefecture
21Edo castleTokyo
22Hachioji CastleTokyo
23Odawara CastleKanagawa Prefecture
24Takeda clan mansionYamanashi Prefecture
25Kofu CastleYamanashi Prefecture
26Matsushiro CastleNagano Prefecture
27Ueda CastleNagano Prefecture
28Komoro CastleNagano Prefecture
29Matsumoto CastleNagano Prefecture
30Takato CastleNagano Prefecture
31Shibata CastleNiigata Prefecture
32Kasugayama CastleNiigata Prefecture
33Takaoka CastleToyama Prefecture
34Nanao CastleIshikawa Prefecture
35Kanazawa CastleIshikawa Prefecture
36Maruoka CastleFukui prefecture
37Ichijodani CastleFukui prefecture
38Iwamura CastleGifu Prefecture
39Gifu CastleGifu Prefecture
40Yamanaka CastleShizuoka Prefecture
41Sunpu CastleShizuoka Prefecture
42Kakegawa CastleShizuoka Prefecture
43Inuyama CastleAichi prefecture
44Nagoya CastleAichi prefecture
45Okazaki CastleAichi prefecture
46Nagashino CastleAichi prefecture
47Iga Ueno CastleMie Prefecture
48Matsusaka CastleMie Prefecture
49Odari CastleShiga Prefecture
50Hikone CastleShiga Prefecture
51Azuchi CastleShiga Prefecture
52Kanonji CastleShiga Prefecture
53Nijo CastleKyoto
54Osaka CastleOsaka Prefecture
55Chihaya CastleOsaka Prefecture
56Takeda CastleHyogo prefecture
57Sasayama CastleHyogo prefecture
58Akashi CastleHyogo prefecture
59Himeji castleHyogo prefecture
60Ako CastleHyogo prefecture
61Takatori CastleNara Prefecture
62Wakayama CastleWakayama Prefecture
63Tottori CastleTottori prefecture
64Matsue CastleShimane Prefecture
65Gassan Tomita CastleShimane Prefecture
66Tsuwano CastleShimane Prefecture
67Tsuyama CastleOkayama Prefecture
68Bitchu Matsuyama CastleOkayama Prefecture
69Kinojo CastleOkayama Prefecture
70Okayama CastleOkayama Prefecture
71Fukuyama CastleHiroshima
72koriyama castleHiroshima
73Hiroshima castleHiroshima
74Iwakuni CastleYamaguchi Prefecture
75Hagi CastleYamaguchi Prefecture
76Tokushima CastleTokushima
77Takamatsu CastleKagawa Prefecture
78Marugame CastleKagawa Prefecture
79Imabari CastleEhime Prefecture
80Yuzuki castle ruinsEhime Prefecture
81matsuyama castleEhime Prefecture
82Ozu CastleEhime Prefecture
83Uwajima CastleEhime Prefecture
84Kochi CastleKochi Prefecture
85fukuoka castleFukuoka Prefecture
86Ono CastleFukuoka Prefecture
87Nagoya CastleSaga Prefecture
88Yoshinogari ruinsSaga Prefecture
89Saga CastleSaga Prefecture
90Hirado CastleNagasaki Prefecture
91Shimabara CastleNagasaki Prefecture
92Kumamoto CastleKumamoto Prefecture
93Hitoyoshi CastleKumamoto Prefecture
94Oita Funai CastleOita Prefecture
95Oka CastleOita Prefecture
96Obi CastleMiyazaki prefecture
97Kagoshima CastleKagoshima prefecture
98Nakijin CastleOkinawa Prefecture
99Nakagusuku CastleOkinawa Prefecture
100Shuri CastleOkinawa Prefecture