Castle tourism in Ishikawa Prefecture

Ishikawa Prefecture, including Kanazawa, is an area rich in history and culture. Kanazawa Castle, which is associated with the Maeda clan, Oyama Shrine, which enshrines Maeda Toshiie and his wife Matsu, Kenrokuen, one of Japan's three most famous gardens, and the ruins of samurai residences and teahouse districts that retain traces of the past, giving you a feel of the gorgeous Kaga Hyakumangoku culture. You can It is also famous for its quaint hot springs, including Kaga Onsenkyo. The Noto Peninsula in the north is home to spectacular scenic spots such as the ria coastline of Kujuku Bay and the cliffs of Rokugosaki. You can also enjoy gourmet foods such as black-throated blackthroat, Kobako crab, jibuni, and Japanese sweets.

  • Kanazawa Castle
  • Komatsu Castle
  • Hakusan Hime Shrine
  • Kinken Shrine
  • Oyama Shrine

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