Castle tourism in Saitama Prefecture

Although Saitama Prefecture is located next to Tokyo, it is blessed with rich nature such as Chichibu and Hanno. Among them, Chichibu is a popular tourist destination with seasonal attractions such as cherry blossoms, fresh greenery, river play, autumn leaves, and icicles. Kawagoe, Little Edo, still has places where you can feel the history, such as Kawagoe Castle and Kita-in Temple, where buildings from Edo Castle were relocated. As this is an area where the Uesugi, Hojo, and Takeda clans competed, many castle ruins remain, and one of the highlights is Gyoda City's ``Floating Castle'' Oshi Castle, which was famous for ``Nobo Castle.''

  • Oshijo
  • Kawagoe Castle
  • Sugayakan
  • Sugiyama Castle
  • Hanyu Castle

Castle tourism in Saitama Prefecture

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