Gifu CastleGifu City, Gifu Prefecture

Gifu Castle DATA
Other nameInabayama Castle, Kinkayama Castle, Iguchi Castle
castle construction1201
addressMt. Kinka Castle Tower 18, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, Mt. Kinka Summit 18
telephone number058-263-4853
Opening hours8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (changes depending on the season)
closing dayOpen all year round
Admission feeAdults 200 yen / Children (4 years old to under 16 years old) 100 yen

Oda Nobunaga expelled Saito Tatsuoki, the grandson of Saito Dōsan, and captured Inabayama Castle. Afterwards, the name of the place was changed from ``Iguchi'' to ``Gifu.'' It became Oda Nobunaga's base for unifying the country. Gifu Castle was abandoned by Tokugawa Ieyasu in 1601. He gave Nobumasa Okudaira 100,000 koku to build Kano Castle, and the castle tower, turret, mountain middle, and stone walls at the foot of Gifu Castle were moved to Kano Castle.

Access to Gifu Castle
15 minutes by bus from JR Gifu Station or Meitetsu Gifu Station. Get off at the bus stop and walk 3 minutes from inside Gifu Park, then 3 minutes on the Mt. Kinka Ropeway, and 8 minutes on foot from Mt. Kinka Ropeway Sancho Station.

HISTORYAbout Gifu Castle

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Battle of Inabayama CastleOda Nobunaga conquers Mino
In August 1567, Oda Nobunaga attacked Inabayama Castle, the stronghold of the Saito clan in Mino Province (Gifu Prefecture), defeated Tatsuoki Saito, and conquered Mino. After this battle, known as the ``Battle of Inabayama Castle'', Nobunaga took over Inabayama Castle as ``
Battle of Inabayama Castle
Battle of ShizugatakeToyotomi Hideyoshi defeats Shibata Katsuie to take over the nation!
In April 1583, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Shibata Katsuie clashed near Shizugatake in Ika District, Omi Province (Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture). This was a battle called the "Battle of Shizugatake." This is the final battle between Hideyoshi and Katsuie, and the first step in Hideyoshi's takeover of the country.
Battle of Shizugatake

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Oda NobunagaA military commander who fell before the unification of the country
What impression do you have of Oda Nobunaga, who is extremely well known and popular among the Sengoku warlords? He is not only considered one of the three great heroes, but is also a military commander with many ups and downs, from his battle episodes to his innovative side and even his tragic death. Decision
Oda Nobunaga
Dosan SaitoThe man who unified Mino and married his daughter to Oda Nobunaga.
After the Onin War and during the Sengoku period, it became common for subordinates to replace their masters. Dōsan Saito, who is considered one of the three great villains of the Sengoku period, is not known about his origins or the first half of his life, but he is said to have led the unification of Mino Province.
Dosan Saito
Yoshitatsu SaitoDaimyo of 6 shaku 5 sun
The era was commonly called the Sengoku period. During this period, there appeared a man whose vassals overthrew their master and usurped the country by force; he was a man who accomplished a subjugation. One representative person was Dosan Saito. Dosan expelled the Toki clan, the shugo daimyo of Mino Province (present-day Gifu Prefecture).
Yoshitatsu Saito
Tatsuoki SaitoThe end of the rebellion caused by the viper
Late Muromachi, a time when order collapsed. It was also a time when people could rise through the ranks based on their ability and become feudal lords, regardless of their origins or status. Isn't Hojo Soun in the Kanto region famous as a pioneer of the Kokujo? and the lord of Mino
Tatsuoki Saito
Oda NobutadaThe heir who died following his father, Nobunaga
During the Sengoku period, Owari Province produced many famous feudal lords, including Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu, who were later known as the Three Heroes of the Warring States period, as well as Kato Kiyomasa and Maeda Toshiie. Oda Nobutada was born as the eldest son of his father, Nobunaga, and was expected to be the next generation.
Oda Nobutada
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