Komoro CastleKomoro City, Nagano Prefecture

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Komoro Castle DATA
Other nameSuigetsu Castle Ana Castle Hakutsuru Castle Potcover Castle
castle construction1554
address311-cho, Komoro City, Nagano Prefecture
telephone number0267-22-0296
Opening hours9am to 5pm
closing dayClosed on Wednesdays from December to mid-March, year-end and New Year holidays (December 27th to January 3rd)
Admission feeAdults 500 yen / Junior high school students and under 200 yen

The castle was occupied by Kansuke Yamamoto and others around the time of Takeda Shingen, and was completed by Hidehisa Sengoku, who became the lord of Komoro Castle when Toyotomi Hideyoshi unified the country.

Access to Komoro Castle
5 minutes walk from Komoro Station on Shinano Railway and JR Koumi Line.

History of the Komoro domain, with Komoro Castle as the domain office

Eiraku coin crest

Sengoku family crest "Eiraku Zenimon"

Komoro domain DATA
Domain officeKomoro Castle
old areaSaku District, Shinano Province
stone height15,000 koku
main lordMr. Takeda, Mr. Sengoku, Mr. Makino
Estimated population30,000 people (first year of the Meiji era)
Japanese Castle Photo Contest.03