Iga Ueno CastleIga City, Mie Prefecture

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Iga Ueno Castle DATA
Other nameHakuho Castle
castle construction1585
address106 Ueno Marunouchi, Iga City, Mie Prefecture
telephone number0595-21-3148
Opening hours9:00-17:00 (Admission until 16:45)
closing dayDecember 29th-31st
Admission feeAdults 600 yen / Children 300 yen
Access to Iga Ueno Castle
Approximately 8 minutes walk from Iga Railway Uenoshi Station.

HISTORYAbout Iga Ueno Castle

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Tensho Iga RebellionWhat is the outcome of the fierce battle between the Oda army and the Iga ninja?
Ninjas hide behind enemy lines, seek out information, set traps, and sometimes assassinate enemies under cover of darkness. The Tensho Iga Rebellion was a time when these people, who usually don't appear in the public eye, clashed with the Oda army. The only large-scale direct confrontation between samurai and ninja during the Sengoku period.
Tensho Iga Rebellion

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Sadatsugu TsutsuiKaiki Daimyo ~ The first lord of Iga Ueno Castle hidden in the shadow of Todo Takatora
Do you know the Sengoku daimyo named Sadatsugu Tsutsui? He was the successor of Junkei Tsutsui, who was famous for feuding with Hisashi Matsunaga and taking advantage of his opportunism during the Honnoji Incident instead of joining Mitsuhide Akechi.He served Toyotomi Hideyoshi and fought at the Battle of Sekigahara.
Sadatsugu Tsutsui
Takatora TodoA master of castle construction who served many lords.
Todo Takatora was born in 1556 in Todo Village, Inukami Gun, Omi Province (Shiga Prefecture) as the second son of Todo Takatora. His childhood name is Yokichi. His father, Torataka, was born as the second son of Noritsuna Mitsui, the lord of Omi Nazue Castle, but when he was young,
Takatora Todo

History of the Iga Ueno Domain, whose domain office is Iga Ueno Castle

Plum bowl

Tsutsui family crest “Umebachi”

Iga Ueno Domain DATA
Domain officeIga Ueno Castle
old areaUeno, Iga Province
stone height200,000 koku
main lordMr. Tsutsui

By order of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Sadatsugu Tsutsui was transferred from Yamatokoriyama to Iga Ueno domain. After that, it became a part of the Tsu domain due to the change of land by Sadatsugu Tsutsui and was taken over by Takatora Todo.

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