Karatsu photo spot

Here are the best photo spots at Karatsu Castle!

Karatsu Castle is a castle with a beautiful view facing the sea. You can take pictures of various scenery around Karatsu Castle. We will introduce the photogenic spots at Karatsu Castle recommended by Tabi to Castle.

Sandy beach and Karatsu Castle
Map ① “Sandy Beach and Karatsu Castle”
A spot where you can take photos of Karatsu Castle from the sea. There are few other castles that can be photographed from the sandy beach.
Sakura and Karatsu Castle
Map ② “Cherry blossoms and Karatsu Castle”
A spot where you can enjoy Karatsu Castle and cherry blossoms. The sight of cherry blossoms and Karatsu Castle beyond the wall creates a nice atmosphere.
Hodou Pier
Map ③ “Hoto Pier”
Karatsu Castle from the bridge of Hoto Pier. The yellow color of the bridge matches the stone monument of Karatsu Castle.
Maizuru Bridge
Map ④ “Maizuru Bridge”
This is Karatsu Castle from Maizuru Bridge. It feels like you can reach it if you reach out.
The sea and Karatsu Castle
Map ⑤ “The Sea and Karatsu Castle”
A spot where you can take photos of Karatsu Castle from the fishing boat side. You can take photos that are typical of Karatsu Castle, with its sea-like feel.
Island and Karatsu Castle
Map ⑥ “Island and Karatsu Castle”
A spot where you can take photos alongside Takashima behind Karatsu Castle. There aren't many castles that can be photographed alongside the island.

Karatsu is such a city

Karatsu City is located in the northwest of Saga Prefecture, facing the Genkai Sea. It is conveniently located within the prefecture, about an hour's drive from Fukuoka City, and attracts many tourists. The center of the city is the former castle town of the Karatsu clan, and is full of history and traditional culture, including Karatsu Castle and the Karatsu Kunchi festival at Karatsu Shrine. You can also enjoy rich nature, including Niji-no-Matsubara, one of Japan's three major pinelands.

Mr. Egashira
Karatsu is characterized by the fact that many people immigrate from Fukuoka and Tokyo. With the advancement of IT and DX, there is a trend of people wanting to live in a place where they can be seen as human beings, and many IT-related people, editors, writers, etc. are moving to Karatsu. Karatsu has low prices, so I think it's the best way to live in Karatsu while working in central Tokyo.
Additionally, in Karatsu, which is rich in nature, you can enjoy camping in the mountains, and in the Genkai Sea, you can enjoy marine sports such as yachting and SUP. Furthermore, Karatsu is characterized by its delicious food. You can harvest fish from the rich ocean, fruits and vegetables from the mountains and rivers, and other fresh ingredients. Yamate has red soil, so root vegetables such as radish and burdock are delicious.
Of course, Karatsu is a town with a long history and traditional culture such as Karatsu ware. There are many places all over Japan where you can simply live in the countryside, near the sea, or in the mountains, but I don't think there are many places where you can find food, be close to a city, and have a culture.
(narrated by Mr. Egashira of Creative Yamato Co., Ltd.)