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I am the number 1 NT of japan travel samurai and Gojotai.
It's been about two and a half years since I started touring castles, and I fell in love with castles through the activities of japan travel samurai.

To begin this column, I would like to introduce japan travel samurai. japan travel samurai is a regional information media centering around castles. There are other famous places in Japan other than castles, but rather than covering a wide range of topics, we have narrowed down the genre to castles. In the future, I would like to increase the amount of information that allows you to experience Japan, such as shrines, temples, and festivals.

Now, almost all of the photos of castles published in this media were taken by myself. The photos in the web magazine "Travel and Castle" were taken by our photographer, and some of the other photos of the castle were taken by our members. I went to all the castles listed, so I conquered all the prefectures in Japan. There are over 160 castles listed (as of March 2023), so I feel proud that I have visited quite a few castles. The more I went to castles, the more I realized that I had my own preferences. This time I would like to introduce my preferences in castle photography.

Favorite location: “Cloud”
After all, I prefer good weather to bad weather. However, I find it bland when the weather is too sunny, and I prefer skies with clouds. I feel that the compatibility between the castle and the clouds is outstanding.
Favorite location 2: “Obori”
Moats can only be found in castles, right? This is one of the points other than the castle tower that gives it a castle feel. The castle tower reflected in the moat is the best! I really like the composition of the castle tower seen through the moat.

This is how I introduced my favorite points about castles. Of course, there are other points that make your heart flutter, such as the stone walls and old atmosphere. However, when I was taking photos, I found that people tended to want to take pictures of clouds and moats. What kind of castle do you like?

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Writer(Head of Gojotai)Gojotai member number 1. Visited over 160 castles nationwide. My favorite things about castles are the clouds and the moat.
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