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Former Takatori residence

Filled with the aesthetics of a coal mining king
Important Cultural Property “Former Takatori Residence”

The ``Former Takatori Residence'' is the residence of Iyoshi Takatori, who owned the Kishima Coal Mine and other properties and was nicknamed the ``Coal Mining King of Hizen.'' Two buildings are located side by side on a spacious site of approximately 2,300 tsubo. The Japanese-style mansion was built in 1905 and has Western-style rooms, making it typical of modern Japanese architecture at the time. There are plenty of beautiful designs to see throughout, including the Sugito paintings, handrails, and sliding door hardware. The special feature is the Noh stage in the large hall!The luxury of creating a theater in your home is nothing short of amazing.

Former Takatori residence
Address: 5-40 Kitajonai, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture
Phone: 0955-75-0289
Closed: Mondays (open if Monday is a holiday, closed the next day)
Year-end and New Year holidays (from December 29th to January 3rd)
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