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Enjoy the old folk house and handmade soba at “Genbuan”

Genbuan is a famous handmade soba restaurant located right next to Karatsu Shrine. The interior of the restaurant, which is a renovated old private house, has a calm atmosphere with tatami mats. My favorite is Tenzaru Soba. Enjoy the perfectly cooked tempura and thin, chewy soba noodles that go down your throat. We also recommend the Kamo Nanban, made with French duck, made by the owner who has a background in Western cuisine. There is a parking lot, so it's convenient to stop by while sightseeing.

Address: 1-3 Kitajonai, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture, 847-0015
Phone: 0955-74-2827
Closed/Every Thursday
Genbuan soba noodlesGenbuan soba 2Genbuan 2