Approximate walk11minutes

Suwa Lake Festival Lake Fireworks Festival

Enjoy the flowers of light blooming in the sky and on the lake
"Suwa Lake Festival Lake Fireworks Festival"

Suwa's summer tradition is the Suwa Lake Fireworks Festival. The fireworks display, which has been going on since 1949, is popular for its impressive scale, with fireworks lighting up the vast lake and the night sky. A must-see is the semicircular ``Floating Star Mine,'' which is only possible because there is a launch pad on the lake. Because it is surrounded by mountains, the sound of the fireworks echoes and resonates to the core of your body, making you tingle. There is also a collaboration between music and fireworks, so you can enjoy a never-ending variety of programs.

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That's it for the first day of the trip. Today I will stay in Kamisuwa.