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Lake Suwa Geyser Center

Spots along the lake where you can enjoy geysers and footbaths
"Lake Suwa Geyser Center"

The Lake Suwa Geyser Center was opened in 1990 with the aim of letting as many people as possible enjoy geysers. When the geyser first erupted, it rose to a height of 50 meters, the second highest in the world, but as of August 22, 2023, the geyser has stopped erupting and it is unclear when it will restart. There is a free footbath next to the center where you can relax while looking at Lake Suwa. In addition, the center has an exhibition corner for movies and dramas shot on location in the Suwa region, as well as an exhibition corner about fireworks at Lake Suwa.

Lake Suwa Geyser Center
Address: 2-208-90 Kogan Dori, Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture 392-0027
Phone: 0266-52-8282
Closed: No holidays (*However, closed on August 15th and the first Saturday of September every year)
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