Approximately 14 minutes walk

Takashima Castle

``Floating Castle'', a symbol of the Suwa region

Takashima Castle, built in 1598 by Takayoshi Hineno, a vassal of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, is a symbol of the Suwa region. At the time of its construction, the castle was surrounded by the waters of Lake Suwa and wetlands, and was also called ``Suwa's Floating Castle'' because it looked like it was floating on Lake Suwa. The current castle tower was restored in 1970. Inside is a local materials room, and from the observation corner on the third floor you can see Lake Suwa. Takashima Park around the castle is also known as a famous spot for cherry blossoms and wisteria, and in spring the area around the castle is dyed pink with cherry blossoms, making it very beautiful.

Takashima Castle
Address: 1-20-1 Takashima, Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture
Phone: 0266-53-1173
Closed: December 26th to 31st and 2nd Thursday of November
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There is also a tea room in Takashima Castle's corner turret. Only on weekends, you can make tea.

Takashima Castle Corner Tower Tea RoomNobue Ikeya drinking teatea sweets