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Akizuki soba main store

``Akizuki Soba Main Store'' is a long-established soba restaurant with a history of 90 years, serving special dishes unique to Suwa.

The Suwa area is famous for soba, and one of the most famous soba restaurants is Akizuki Soba Honten, which was founded in 1933. The homemade soba noodles and soup made with several types of dried bonito flakes are exquisite. There is also a wide selection of rice dishes, including Suwa's specialty, ``Miso Tendon.'' In particular, the miso tempura bowl is a hearty dish that includes smelt from Lake Suwa, river shrimp, deep-fried Shinshu soba noodles, and seasonal wild vegetables. I want to eat soba too! For those of you, we recommend the value set menu.

Akizuki soba main store
Address: 4-12-1 Kogan Dori, Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture 392-0027
Phone: 0266-52-2278
Time/11:00-15:00, 17:00-21:00
Regular holiday/Wednesday
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