Approximate walk10minutes

Lake Suwa

Lake Suwa, a lake where the gods cross, representing Suwa

Lake Suwa is located in the central part of Nagano Prefecture and is the largest lake in Shinshu, surrounded by mountains on all sides. The circumference is approximately 16 km, and the lakeside is lined with hot spring inns and art museums. It is famous for hosting the Suwa Lake Festival Fireworks Festival in the summer, where you can enjoy up to 40,000 fireworks. In winter, the lake is completely frozen over, and the difference in temperature between day and night causes the ice to crack, creating a mountain range of ice on the surface of the lake, a mysterious phenomenon called ``Omiwatari.'' There is also a legend of Shingen's underwater grave, where the body of Takeda Shingen lies at the bottom of the lake.

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