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Lake Inawashiro

Sports at Lake Inawashiro! Splashing ice in winter

From Aizuwakamatsu, we took a short trip to Lake Inawashiro. Lake Inawashiro is located almost in the center of Fukushima Prefecture. On clear days, Mt. Bandai is clearly visible on the surface of the lake, which is why it is also called ``Tenkyo Lake.'' Enjoy a leisurely stroll around the lake on a sightseeing boat. There are campgrounds around Lake Inawashiro where you can enjoy camping, barbecues, and stargazing. Water sports such as lake bathing and sailing are popular in the summer. In winter, the lake is famous for its ``splash ice,'' which is when the lake water freezes on the trees along the shore. Many tourists come to enjoy the mysterious beauty of nature.

Lake Inawashiro
Address: Lake Inawashiro, Inawashiro-cho, Yama-gun, Fukushima Prefecture
Phone: 0242-28-9693
Closed/No holidays
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