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Oyakuen Garden

Relax in the garden at Oyakuen Garden

"Oyakuen" has been loved as a vacation home for generations of Aizu feudal lords since ancient times. Its origins date back more than 600 years, and it came to be called Oyakuen because a medicinal herb garden was established in the Edo period. During the Boshin War, it was used as a sanatorium for the new government's troops, so it still retains its original appearance. We recommend taking a leisurely stroll through the large garden with a pond shaped like a pond in the center. You can also tour the medicinal herb garden with about 400 types of flowers. If you're tired, take a break with matcha and our original sesame yokan.

Oyakuen Garden
Address: 8-1 Hanaharumachi, Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture
Phone: 0242-27-2472
Closed/No holidays
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