Arisu Endo

professional wrestlerArisu Endo

- Please tell us about how you started professional wrestling.
Before becoming a professional wrestler, he was in a group called "Cheer♡1", which is an official supporter of Keiji Muto's professional wrestling organization "WRESTLE-1", which is currently on an indefinite hiatus, and was involved in opening dances. It was a.
The person in front of me in Cheer♡1 was former professional wrestler Reika Saiki. I inherited the yellow role of Cheer♡1 from Saiki-san.
I didn't really watch women's wrestling, but when I saw Saiki-san fighting right in front of me, my first thought was, ``That's cool.'' However, when I watched Saiki-san's matches again after WRESTLE-1 went on an indefinite hiatus, my admiration changed and I decided to do (pro-wrestling), so I chose Tokyo Women's Pro Wrestling where Saiki-san was.
Interview scene 1Arisu Endo breaks down in tears
-Have you noticed any changes in yourself since becoming a professional wrestler?
I feel like I've become mentally stronger. My mind and body have become stronger. Before I started wrestling, I was a weak and dark person. I think that starting professional wrestling made me brighter. I feel like my path has opened up for me, and I truly believe that being a professional wrestler is my calling.
-Please tell us about the appeal of professional wrestling.
Pro-wrestling is painful, but having the support of the fans makes me want to do my best and it's fun. Since I started wrestling, some of my dreams have come true. For example, triumphant return. I had a dream of playing a match in my hometown, and it came true around the second half of October last year. Also, since Reika Saiki had announced her retirement, I thought she wouldn't be able to play, but she was able to play for only 3 minutes at an exhibition during her retirement ceremony.
-Have you ever had any difficulties in professional wrestling?
As of now, I have never won a singles match, and that is the most frustrating thing (as of February 8, 2023, my first singles win was on February 11, 2023). Actually, I wanted to make my dream of winning my first win come true last year, but I'm disappointed that I couldn't make it come true and now it's 2023. Not only in singles, but also in tag team, I only won once by giving up. I'm so disappointed that I didn't win at all, and I have a strong desire to win.
Tsuruga CastleMt. Bandai
-One of your specialty moves is "Tsurugajo" (medulla oblongata knee drop). Please tell us the origin of it.
“Tsurugajo” was my first original technique. Since Tsurugajo is famous, I was thinking of using it as the name of the technique, and also the first original technique I created. My Tsurugajo is a technique similar to a knee drop, where you hit the back of the head with your shin and then slam your shin into the face. It's difficult to create your own original moves, but I thought about what kind of moves would be similar to Tsurugajo, and I created one after consulting with my seniors.
There is another technique called ``Bandaiyama'' (step missile kick). He went to the second corner, jumped from the second rope to the top rope, and then did a missile kick, but it was high so I thought it was Mt. Bandai. Other than that, I'd like to do something like ``Awaari Koboshiki'' or ``Akabeko,'' but I haven't really come up with anything yet. It's kind of fun when you think about it. I think it's good PR if you do techniques related to your hometown. In fact, I became a tourism ambassador for Aizu Wakamatsu in July last year. Thankfully, someone recommended it to me, and I can't help but smile with joy.
-As a tourism ambassador, please tell us about the charm of Tsuruga Castle, which is a symbol of Aizuwakamatsu.
Tsuruga Castle is famous and looks cool. Even if you look at the surrounding scenery, you can take attractive photos in each season: spring, summer, fall, and winter. In spring, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, in summer there are blue skies, in autumn there are red leaves, and in winter there is snow. You can take various photos. I often see photos of people taking photos of Tsuruga Castle on Twitter, and it's really fun to see photos posted while thinking, "How do I take them? It's impossible with my skills."
Interview scene 2Arisu Endo is happy
-What do you think is the charm of Aizuwakamatsu?
I was in the 6th grade of elementary school when the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred, and I was alone at home at the time. The ground suddenly shook due to the earthquake, and I couldn't contact the parents, and my dog ran away. I was wondering what to do, but a neighbor brought the dog home and my mother took care of it. He stayed with me until midnight when I couldn't see him and even gave me snacks. I remember how everyone around me was united. The kindness of such people is attractive.
Of course, the rice and water are delicious, and the fact that you can feel plenty of negative ions is also appealing.
-Please tell us about your future goals.
In professional wrestling, I want to win more and more, gain more experience, and do my best to surpass my top seniors. Of course I want a belt too. Also, I teamed up with Suzume-san as ``Dejiji Monky'', but we lost many times and both of us felt frustrated. In the tournament, I lost all the matches, and I was very disappointed to be eliminated in the first round, so I want to be able to advance even if only two people can win, and of course I want to be able to win even just by myself. As a tourism ambassador, I would like to be invited to events in Aizu and do my best to spread the word about its charm.
-Please give a final message to our readers.
Thank you for reading this interview. If you're reading this, and you know Aizu but have never been there, I definitely want you to come, and if you like it, I want you to live here. Also, if there are people who don't know about Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling or Arisu Endo, I would love for you to know. I'm also on Twitter and Instagram, so I'd be happy if you could check them out. Please enter the swamp. Try putting one foot in first. After that, I was completely covered in water (lol).
I also call myself a power spot. So if you think of it as a power spot and come see me once, you'll go home feeling refreshed. I would be happy if you could come to the pro wrestling venue.