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Nanokamachi Street

Taisho retro Nanokamachi Street
Leisurely stroll

Aiyo Clinic is where Hideyo Noguchi spent three years as a student. Hideyo Noguchi Seishunkan is a coffee shop and museum that retains the original hospital building.

Hideyo Noguchi Seishunkan
Address: 4-18 Nakamachi, Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture
Phone: 0242-27-3750
Closed: January 1st
Hideyo Noguchi Seishunkan 1Hideyo Noguchi Seishunkan 2Hideyo Noguchi Seishunkan 3

Nanokamachi Street is popular for its retro townscape full of Taisho romance. There are many shops that are perfect for buying souvenirs unique to Aizu, such as Shirokiya Lacquerware Store, which boasts a 300-year history, and Tsurunoe Sake Brewery. ``Shibukawa Toya'' is also popular, where you can enjoy traditional cuisine. There are also stylish cafes near Nanakamachi Street.

Nanokamachi Street
Address: 1-2-8 Omachi, Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture (within Fukumon Shokai)
Phone: 0242-32-1187
Closed/No holidays
Nanokamachi Street 2Nanokamachi Street 3Nanokamachi Street 4Nanokamachi Street 5Nanokamachi Street 6Nanokamachi Street 7

In addition, near Nanukamachi Station, there is Amidaji Temple, where Shinsengumi Third Division Commander Hajime Saito and others who died in the Boshin War are buried, so fans should check it out.

Amidaji Temple 1Amidaji Temple 2Amidaji Temple 3Nanokamachi Station 1Nanokamachi Station 2Nanokamachi Station 3