Toyama CastleEnjoy clouds and castles at the same time

The Hokuriku region, including Toyama, receives a lot of rainfall. A high probability of rain means a high probability of clouds.
It's nice to have a picture of a castle with a clear blue sky, but I prefer one with clouds in it. In other words, Toyama Castle has a high probability of being able to take pictures of the castle and clouds, which I like.

There is a moat around Toyama Castle. You can take reflection photos of Toyama Castle's moat. The castle reflected in the water is very beautiful. Toyama Castle is my favorite castle, where you can enjoy both the clouds and the moat at the same time.

Toyama Castle Ruins Park also has a pond and garden. Toyama Castle from this pond is also a good photo spot. The clouds and moat alone make it look great, but you can also enjoy photos from the garden, making it three times more delicious.

In addition to this, the gate of Toyama Castle is also a great spot.

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Toyama Castle

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