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``Castle Tour = Date'' Yuki Shimizu is a woman who goes all out to be fashionable when she goes to a castle.

When I was in the 6th grade of elementary school, I toured a Japanese castle at a school event and fell in love with it at first sight. And I fell in love with Japanese castles.

Currently, while working in various fields as a model, actress, cosplayer, and streamer, I want to convey the wonders of castles, so I post videos as a castle TikToker and talk about castles at events and live performances. I'm grinning.

And this time!
I am very happy to have had the opportunity to write a column for ``japan travel samurai.''

Since some of you may be meeting me for the first time, I would like to post a photo of me taken on the day the Imperial Palace (Edo Castle) Inui Street was opened to the public. Please excuse me for wearing a mask.

Because of my appearance, when I say ``I love castles,'' people tend to think that I love overseas castles or dreamland castles, but I am a castle girl who loves Japanese castles.

▽The theme this time is “Edo Castle”▽

Well, this is my first post!
I would like to introduce "Edo Castle"!

Japan's largest castle, Edo Castle
Edo Castle is one of the few castles in the Kanto region with stone walls (it is also famous as a castle with all stone walls).
I will discuss the reasons for this on another occasion.

Personally, my image of Edo Castle is that of a handsome man who is generous and noble! ! ! (I would be happy if there is someone who sympathizes with me♪)

And this time, what I'm going to talk about about Edo Castle is a brief history of Edo Castle and some trivia that you'll want to share with someone (its name).

As anyone who has visited Edo Castle will know, it is so large that one day is not enough. I want you to see it! I want you to know! There are so many points like that, and once you start introducing them, there's no end to them. So I think I'll leave the other stories for another time.

▽Image of Edo Castle▽

When you think of Edo Castle, don't you think of it as the castle and imperial palace of the Tokugawa Lord? I think some castle lovers may have the image of a castle built by Dokan Ota.

Edo Castle has a history of 900 years. That's amazing!
The Edo Castle we see today is said to be Edo Castle from the Tokugawa era.
But such is Edo Castle. Did you know that it existed before the Tokugawa clan entered Edo?

▽The beginning of Edo Castle “Edo clan residence”▽

Edo Castle dates from the end of the Heian period to the Kamakura period.
It is said to be the residence of the Edo clan, ``Edo clan residence''.

Castles in this era were called ``kan'' and had a different shape from ``castle.'' When you think of a castle, you imagine a castle tower, right? However, in this era, the castle tower did not yet exist.
It is said that castle towers appeared during the Azuchi and Momoyama periods.

Unfortunately, no remains of the Edo clan residence remain.
However, it is speculated that it is the predecessor of Edo Castle (there are various theories).

▽“Chiyoda Castle” during the Ota Dokan era▽

Chiyoda Castle (Edo Castle) was built by Dokan Ota in 1457.
At this time, it was still the Muromachi period. There is no castle tower.

Everyone! Do you know the other name of Edo Castle?
Another name for Edo Castle is "Chiyoda Castle".

When Dokan Ota was building Edo Castle, he suggested three village names as candidates.
One of the village names was "Chiyoda Village".
Chiyo means eternity, and it is said that the name Chiyoda Village came from the idea that the countryside would continue until the end of generations.

Dokan is said to have adopted Chiyoda Village and named it Chiyoda Castle, believing that it would be prosperous in the end.

Currently, the remains of Chiyoda Castle cannot be seen. However, it is recorded in historical documents from that time.

▽“Edo Castle” during the Tokugawa period▽

Edo Castle took on the form we all know as Edo Castle during the Tokugawa era.
Finally, at this age, the castle tower appears.

Edo Castle from the Tokugawa period was actually rebuilt three times (and burned down an amazing five times).

The first is the Keicho Castle Tower from the era of Tokugawa Ieyasu.
The second one is Genwa Castle Tower from the time of the second shogun, Hidetada.
The third one is "Kanei Tenshu" from the era of the third Shogun Iemitsu.

The last castle tower of Edo Castle is the third Kan'ei Castle.

The castle tower disappeared during the Great Fire of Meireki in 1657.
Edo Castle burnt down.

The lord of the castle at this time was the fourth shogun, Ietsuna. Lord Ietsuna was still a boy.

The person who took command in place of Ietsuna was his guardian, Masayuki Hoshina.
``A castle tower represents military power and power.A peaceful era without war has already arrived.''
It was decided that ``relief for the town of Edo and those affected by the disaster'' should take precedence over rebuilding the castle tower.

And the castle tower was never rebuilt at Edo Castle.

The castle tower we see today at Edo Castle was built with donations from the Maeda family of the Kaga domain after the Great Fire. The pedestal still remains.
If the castle tower had been rebuilt after the Great Fire, there might have been a castle tower above it.

It is said to last for 50 years from the Ieyasu era, when the Tokugawa era castle tower was seen, to the Great Fire of the Meireki era.

Edo Castle, which lost its castle tower, used a ``turret'' as a substitute for the castle tower.
Fujimi Yagura was used as a substitute castle tower.
This turret can still be seen at Edo Castle. Please come and visit us when you go to Edo Castle.

▽Currently “Imperial Palace”▽

Edo Castle is now also called the "Imperial Palace."
Part of the former Honmaru, Ninomaru, and Sannomaru is now the "Imperial Palace East Garden."

Edo Castle is a castle that has a lot of history, has created a lot of history, and has experienced a lot of history.

Above all, the great thing about Edo Castle is that it is still in active use.
What makes it still active is that it continues to live to the fullest as the Imperial Palace. I am active.

The castle owner has changed. that's all!
From the Shogun to His Majesty the Emperor...
Edo Castle, the only active castle

It's amazing that we can now see, feel, and touch Edo Castle (Imperial Palace), which has changed its name and shape to ``Edo Ujikan,'' ``Chiyoda Castle,'' ``Edo Castle,'' and ``Imperial Palace.'' I feel this every time I go there.

One of the charms of castles is that each stone wall has a lot of wishes, thoughts, and history.
In the photo, I am looking at the stone wall of Edo Castle's castle tower, touching it, feeling it, and smiling.
Everyone, please come and experience this excitement!
I love this time and have made many new discoveries.

There are many more things I want to talk about, but that's all for now.

▽Final greetings▽

Well, how was it?
This time, we introduced the name of Edo Castle and a brief history.
Edo Castle has changed its appearance, changed its name, and is still loved and active today.
I would be honored if you were even slightly interested.

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see you!
See you in the next post ♡

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