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Everyone! Thank you! I'm Yuki Shimizu, also known as Oshiro-chan!

Thank you to everyone who read the previous article. Did you enjoy? I would be happy if I could convey even a little bit of the charm of the castle.
This time we will introduce castles that can be enjoyed by all ages!
This is a complete change from the previous trivia, and I would like to introduce a castle that you should visit this summer vacation.

▽This time's theme▽

The castle we will introduce this time is "Oshi Castle" in Saitama Prefecture.

A castle full of water, nature, and history!

My image of Oshiro is a good guy who drips with water ♡ That's how it should be! Because it's Mizuki!


Ladies and gentlemen, do you know Oshijo?
This is the castle that served as the model for the novel ``Nobou's Castle''.
Nobou's Castle has also been made into a movie.
Mansai Nomura, who is active as a Kyogen performer and actor, plays the role of ``Narita Nagachika,'' who is also the lord of Oshi Castle, and plays the role of ``Ishida Mitsunari,'' who is the enemy army.He is also active as an actor, talent, and artist. It is also famous for being played by Yusuke Ji.

In 2017, it was registered as one of Japan's top 100 castles by the Japan Castle Association.

Speaking of Oshi Castle, it is an "impregnable floating castle"
This castle withstood a water attack by Ishida Mitsunari's army during the Toyotomi army's conquest of Odawara (also known as the Odawara attack).


Oshi Castle, located in Gyoda City, Saitama Prefecture, is easily accessible from the city center!

The present-day Oshi Castle now has a reconstructed exterior turret, which is a reconstruction of the third floor turret of Oshi Castle, which was demolished during the Meiji Restoration, on the site of what was once the site of the castle keep.

*The reconstruction tower (castle tower) was built based on or based on the image of what existed in the past.
A mock turret (castle tower) is one that was built before its existence could be confirmed or identified.

The local museum that opened in 1986 is the turret.
You can enter the Gyoda City Folk Museum for 200 yen for adults, 100 yen for large and high school students, and 50 yen for middle and small children.
The castle ruins park is free to enter and exit, and you can feel the history and nature.

▽Touch history▽

In 1702, one three-story tower and two two-story towers were built.
It was demolished in 1873 due to the castle being abandoned.

I think the appeal of Oshi Castle is that you can see and touch the stone walls up close.
Please look for it in the park, touch it, and feel happy ♡

I will go to the castle in December 2022.
Although it was a cold day, I touched the stone wall for a while, felt a lot of things, and drank the drinks I had brought with me, which made me feel better.

▽Here we go! To the turret! ▽

The local museum exhibits themes such as the history of Gyoda City, castles, and castle towns.
The top floor is an observation deck where you can see a panoramic view of Gyoda City!

Gyoda City has something called Gyoda Tabi, and you can take part in the ``Tabi Test'' inside the local museum.
Participation fee is free (admission to the castle is required)
Available for children and adults, so perfect for families, friends, and dates, regardless of age!
Anyone can enjoy it♪

I tried the adult version.
If you look carefully at the exhibits, you will get the correct answer!
I was able to find the answer to a difficult problem by reviewing the exhibits from scratch.

Summer vacation is coming soon!
If you have children, this is sure to be a great activity for free research during summer vacation! ! !

I had a lot of fun getting my certificate!


I collect castle seals.
This is a must-have treasure for any castle that has a castle seal to commemorate your visit to the castle.

The castle seal of Oshijo is

  • Oshiro Bus Terminal Tourist Information Center
  • JR Gyoda Station Tourist Information Center

You can have it with...

This time, I received a castle stamp at the “Tourism Products Center Buratto♪Gyoda”!

We also looked for souvenirs!

Gyoda City is famous for its Jumangoku Manju!
I found Jumangoku Manju's Oshijo branding iron.
Since it had the name of a castle on it, I decided to buy it immediately!

The store was renovated and opened in 2021, and it was very beautiful.
The staff at the shop were kind and talked to me, and I enjoyed talking with them and felt happy!
When I left the store, they said to me, ``Have fun in Oshiro,'' and the warmth of the people made me feel warm.

Actually, I went to the main store of ``Jyumangoku Fukusaya''. I bought one with a 100,000-koku branding iron there.
I also bought a floating castle sable! I went to the castle in December 2022, so I bought Fuyunin Castle.
Both are very delicious, so be sure to try them when you visit the castle.
There were many other delicious sweets!

The Ojo seal and Tabi test certificate I received.
It was amazing to be able to climb a castle, take the test, and even receive a certificate!
It's a great memory and a great learning experience!
It was a very charming castle.

▽Final greetings▽

This time we introduced "Oshijo" in Gyoda City, Saitama Prefecture!
How was it?

Please try climbing Oshi Castle to feel the nature and history this summer vacation ♪
There's a lot more to Oshijo's history and recommended points, but we'll talk about that another time!

I do a lot of SNS.
I basically stream every day by appearing at events and as a streamer on streaming apps.
I would be happy if you could come and visit us if you like!

Please let us know your impressions directly at the event, in the comments or DMs on SNS, or in the comment section of the broadcast!

Well then! See you in the next post ♡

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