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This is a list of articles written by Yuki Shimizu, a celebrity who loves castles. "Castle Tour = Date" means going to see a castle, right? ♡ I'm Yuki Shimizu, a castle girl. Active in multiple activities such as actress, model, streamer, event MC, etc. As part of the Nagoya Cosplay Host Town PR team, we promote Nagoya x Cosplay, hold events, photo sessions, and appear in the media. As a cosplayer, she posts videos on TikTok, appears in magazines, and appears at events and media. As a castle-loving talent, he talks about castles at events and live shows, and posts videos as a castle TikToker. I want to build Yuki Castle someday! Please also follow us on SNS such as Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

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Japanese Castle Photo Contest.03