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Sanko Shrine

Stop by Sanko Shrine where Hayato Usuda's grave is erected

It is known that the Sanada Maru, which served as Toyotomi's side during the Osaka Siege, was located here. "Sanada Maru" has been broadcast as a historical drama in recent years, and the number of visitors has increased. It is said that Yukimura Sanada dug a loophole from Osaka Castle to this area during the Osaka Siege, and the hole still remains under the shrine building. In the precincts, there is also a statue based on Yukimura Sanada, who was depicted on the Osaka Natsu no Jinzu folding screen (Kuroda folding screen). It has been pointed out that the loophole that remains today was not created by Yukimura, but may be the remains of the trenches of Maeda Toshitsune's army that attacked Sanada Maru.

Sanko Shrine
Address: 14-90 Tamatsukuri Honmachi, Tennoji Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Phone: 06-6761-0372
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