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Isshinji Temple

Visit Isshinji Temple, the grave of Tadatomo Honda, who died in the Osaka Summer Siege.

During the Osaka Winter War in 1614, Ieyasu's camp was placed at this temple adjacent to Mt. Chausu. This temple also has the tomb of Honda Tadatomo, who died on the front lines during the Battle of Tennoji and Okayama during the Osaka Summer Campaign in 1615, but he died during the winter because he had been drinking. He was defeated in the battle and was reprimanded by Ieyasu, and fought hard in the summer battle to get revenge, but was killed. He is said to have made a will on the verge of his death, saying, ``I will save those who suffer because of alcohol,'' which is why he came to be known as the ``god of preventing alcohol.'' Even today, people who vow to abstain from drinking often visit the grave.

Isshinji Temple
Address: 2-8-69 Aisaka, Tennoji-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Phone: 06-6771-0444
Closed/No holidays
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