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Sukedachiya Juhachiban Workshop

Participated in Sukedachiya Juhachiban workshop.
Even beginners can experience it

We regularly hold workshops mainly in Osaka for people who want to try sword fighting or want to learn. It is also attractive that you can easily participate in the event during your trip.

When you actually hold a wooden sword and start practicing the kata, you may feel awkward at first, but as you repeat it over and over again, your spirit will become sharper. The experience of using your whole body to confront your opponent and slashing each other with a wooden sword is something you don't often get. The shock that is transmitted to your arm when you catch a sword, the fun of catching it with your whole body, the difficulty of moving your feet, the distance between you and your opponent and the atmosphere... there are many things that you can only understand by actually experiencing it.

In historical dramas, swords are used as weapons to kill people. The true essence of sword fighting is to make it look like you are cutting the opponent, and to convey the ``transience and beauty that lies within the cruelty'' through sword movements and movements. Please come and experience sword fighting, which has many charms that you can't understand just by watching.

Sukedachiya Juhachiban Workshop
Location: Near Osaka
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