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I would like to write this article to Tamako Hosokawa and Mitsuhide Akechi of Kyoto/Nagaokakyo Hospitality Bushotai Tsutsuji.

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Tamago: Well then! I would like to write about our castle, Shoryuji Castle. It is easiest to get to Shoryuji Castle if you come from JR Nagaokakyo Station. It is about a 10-minute walk south from the east exit of JR Nagaokakyo Station.
On the way to Shoryuji Castle, the first thing you'll see is this guide to Kamisari Shrine.

Mitsuhide: When Hosokawa Fujitaka renovated Shoryuji Castle in 1571 on the orders of Oda Nobunaga, he constructed a moat to surround the castle and the castle grounds.
The earthworks and dry moat remain here.

Mitsuhide: This earthwork is made of layers of black soil and yellow soil, stacked on top of each other to prevent it from collapsing. Furthermore, it is about 6m high, so it is not easy to climb.

Tamago: You can't see the layers now, but the blocks are color-coded next to them so you can see the structure of the earthworks at the time.

Mitsuhide: In addition, we have set up a Yokoyagake-style Koguchi. When the enemy came through the narrow earthen bridge in the middle of the moat, it was designed to attack from the side using bows and arrows or guns from atop the high earthwork. You can see that it is built well for defense.

Tamako: And if you go to the back, you will find Kamisari Shrine. It is said that before the renovation, there was a ``Kamitari Castle'' here that was ruled by the Nishioka clan and the Kamitari clan. Furthermore, there is a story about Emperor Kanmu having a strange dream.
It is said that this was a dream in which a god descended and protected the area from evil spirits, and a shrine was built with offerings of swords and silk. It is also a place associated with Emperor Kanmu, so please be sure to visit Kamisari Shrine as well!

Tamako: There is also an information board around the moat of Shoryuji Castle that explains my background in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition, there are information boards about Nagaokakyo City's famous spots and the history of the castle, as well as benches decorated with the Kuyo crest😊

Tamago: Well then, it's finally time! Let's visit Shoryuji Castle!

Mitsuhide: Shoryuji Castle is said to have been built by Yoriharu Hosokawa or Yoshinari Hatakeyama, and after that, Tomomichi Iwanari, a member of the Miyoshi Sanninshu, entered the castle and ruled it.
When Yoshiaki Ashikaga came to Kyoto, Nobunaga attacked Shoryuji Castle with 50,000 soldiers, Iwanari Tomomichiden was surrendered, and he was exiled to Awa.
After that, on the orders of Lord Nobunaga, Fujitaka Hosokawa entered the castle and renovated it, and it is said that the Hosokawa family ruled the castle until they moved to Tango, and it served as a base of defense.
Later, during the Edo period, the castle finished its role and became an abandoned castle, but in 1992, it was developed as Shoryuji Castle Park, which is the current Shoryuji Castle.

Tamako: Inside the castle, you will be greeted by statues of Tadaoki Hosokawa, the eldest son of Fujitaka Hosokawa and my husband, and of me, Tamako (Garasha). The statue of Tadaoki is only located here at Shoryuji Castle! There are several egg statues in various places...🤭

Mitsuhide: The egg was brought to Hosokawa Tadaoki in 1587. The wedding ceremony was held at Shoryuji Castle.

Tamago: I gave birth to my first daughter the following year. Furthermore, their second son, Tadataka, was born the following year, and they spent their happy married life in Nagaokakyo City.
The "Nagaokakyo Garasha Festival" is held on the second Sunday of November every year, and a reenactment of the wedding ceremony is also held inside the castle!

Mitsuhide: This year it will be held on November 12th (Sunday), and we will be participating in the procession and performing martial arts, so please come and see us!

Tamako: And here at the administration building of Shoryuji Castle, you can view excavated artifacts for free.

Tamako: On the first floor of the administration building, there are portraits (paintings) of Tadaoki-sama and Tamako, and you can also enjoy a gacha featuring Otama-chan, the official character of the Garasha Festival, who is modeled after me😊The gacha costs 100 yen each time. And it's affordable! The pattern changes depending on the season, so please keep it in your possession as a souvenir when you visit us 😊

Mitsuhide: There is also a rest space. There are also books by Tamako, Tadaoki-dono, and Fujitaka-sama and I (Akechi Mitsuhide), so I think you can enjoy reading at your leisure. Also, videos of Nagaokakyo City's famous spots and our own videos are shown on the monitor! I would appreciate it if you could take a look at this as well.

Tamago: Now, let's go to the second floor of the administration building! When you go up the stairs, you will be greeted by a replica of Tadaoki-sama's armor "Kuroito Takeshi Nimai Dōgusoku"! In fact, this is a masterpiece made by my father, donated by Yamaki Shoji Co., Ltd.! It's in a glass case, so you can see it up close. I would be happy if you could take a closer look at the details 😊

Tamako: In the exhibition room, excavated items and historical panels about Fujitaka-sama, Tadaoki-sama, Tamako, and her father are on display. The content is very easy to understand with illustrations, so please take your time and enjoy it.

Tamako: Next, let's move on to a tour of the castle!

Mitsuhide: Inside the castle, there is a reproduction of the corner turret. The northeast corner turret was reinforced with a stone wall, and a stone wall staircase was built. In addition, the remains of an earthen embankment that could have been climbed have also been discovered. Currently, it has been recreated as a corner turret where you can take a break.

Tamako: The corner turret also has a reproduction of the stone drop. It's terrifying to think that enemies trying to climb castle walls and stone walls were attacked by dropping stones and boiling water on the enemies directly below them. Please take a look!

Mitsuhide: Furthermore, a magnificent well has been discovered within the castle! It is said to be a well created by Fujitaka-sama during the renovation of his castle.

Tamago: Speaking of wells, there is also natural underground water called ”Garasha Omokage no Mizu”.

Tamako: Even during the Sengoku period, we drank water drawn from wells, so even in this Reiwa world, we can drink the same water as us! It feels like historical romance 😊

Mitsuhide: Also, the remains of stone Buddha statues and five-wheel pagodas that are said to have been used as stone for castles have also been found. It's similar to how I used repurposed stones at Fukuchiyama Castle. The repurposed stones that were used for wells and stone walls have been collected in one place and are being held as a memorial service.

Mitsuhide: I would be happy if everyone could join hands.

Mitsuhide: It is said that there was a north gate next to it, and the foundation stones and stone walls from that time remain.

Tamako: My father (Akechi Mitsuhide) was defeated in the Battle of Yamazaki and entered Shoryuji Castle. In order to make a comeback, Toshizo Saito remained in the castle and let his father escape through the north gate under cover of night. It is also deeply moving that the stone wall from that time still remains where the north gate is said to have been.

Tamako: Shoryuji Castle, where I held my wedding and spent a happy time... What was my father thinking in this castle that day? Shoryuji Castle was the last castle that his father, Akechi Mitsuhide, entered.
For the Akechi family, Shoryuji Castle is known for its light and shadow. I can't help but feel a strange fate...

Tamago: Now, there is a particularly large earthwork on the west side!

Tamago: If you climb up there, you can see Mt. Tennozan.

Tamago: What's more, you can see the castle from the side! I think the earthworks that protrude slightly from the castle walls are rare.

Mitsuhide: Yoshihiro Senda, a Japanese castle archaeologist, said that a castle tower may have been built on top of this earthwork. If a castle tower had been built, it could be said to be the origin of early modern castles, which had a castle tower earlier than Azuchi Castle!

*You can view the image here

Mitsuhide: Furthermore, next to Shoryuji Castle is Numatamaru Park, where it is said that there was the residence of Mitsukane Numata, the legal wife of Fujitaka Hosokawa and the father of Lady Mukka. Earthworks were built around it, and there was also an outer moat, and it is thought that it served a role like a demaru to protect the main castle.
A well has been discovered here as well, and it is possible to draw underground water in the same way as the water in Omokage, and many citizens come here to draw water.

Tamago: And right next to Shoryuji Castle is Shoryuji Temple, which is the origin of the castle's name.

Tamako: The temple bell currently in use is the third generation bell, and it is said that the first bell was taken away during the Battle of Osaka.

Tamago: During the Garasha Festival, we will also give you a very beautiful paper-cut goshuin stamp of my own Garasha😊
The principal images include the Eleven-faced Kannon statue and Bishamonten, so please stop by to visit them while strolling around Shoryuji Castle.

Mitsuhide: And! In fact, there are many ancient tombs left in Nagaokakyo City. One of the largest tumuli among them is the Ekaiyama tumulus, which is a keyhole-shaped tumulus!

Mitsuhide: As many as 700 iron weapons have been unearthed at the Ekaiyama Tumulus.
It was renovated in 2014 and restored to its appearance in the first half of the 5th century.
Models of excavated weapons and clay clay figures are placed on top of the tumulus, and there are also models of the tumulus surrounding it.

Tamako: Furthermore, during the Battle of Yamazaki, Father (Akechi Mitsuhide) is said to have set up his headquarters in this Ekaiyama Tumulus.

Eggs: The remains of earthworks and numerous gun balls have been unearthed at the Ekaiyama Tumulus.
Looking at Mt. Tenno from the top of the tumulus, you can imagine that his father (Akechi Mitsuhide) was also watching the battle from here.

Tamago: Also, there is a ``Kamitari Fureai Machiya'' near Shoryuji Castle, where you can enjoy soba, udon, and other sweet dishes.
Please stop by for a break and try some food 😊

Mitsuhide: Although it is a little far from Shoryuji Castle, within the precincts of Nagaoka Tenmangu Shrine, there was Kaida Ochaya, where Prince Tomohito received the ancient and modern teachings from Fujitaka Hosokawa.

Mitsuhide: It is said that the building of his residence near the imperial palace was relocated and rebuilt next to the pond in conjunction with the major renovation of Nagaoka Tenmangu Shrine, and it became the ``Kaida Ochaya.''
It has now been moved to Suizenji Jojuen in Kumamoto Prefecture, where it is passed down to this day as the ``Kokindenju-no-ma''.
Currently, a monument remains at Nagaoka Tenmangu Shrine.

Mitsuhide: In addition, Hosokawa Fujitaka received the ancient and modern teachings from Sanjo Nishi Saneki at Shoryuji Castle.

Mitsuhide: Shoryuji Castle is said to be the origin of early modern castles, and is also the castle where eggs were brought in, and where I ended my life.
I hope you understand that Shoryuji Castle is an important castle that was at various turning points in history.
We are also going to the field, so please come and visit us!

Tamago: Thank you very much for reading this long post!
I hope you will visit Nagaokakyo City and immerse yourself in the romance of history.

Now, it's Tamako Hosokawa and Mitsuhide Akechi from Kyoto/Nagaokakyo Hospitality Bushotai Tsutsuji.
thank you very much!

[Shoryuji Castle Park]
Location: 617-0836
13-1 Shoryuji, Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto Prefecture
Opening hours: 9:00 to 17:00 (18:00 from April to October)
Closed days: Open every day (excluding December 28th to January 4th)
Access: Approximately 10 minutes walk to the south of the east exit of JR Nagaokakyo Station
Admission fee: Free

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Shoryuji Castle

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