Hanamaki CastleHanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture

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Hanamaki Castle DATA
Other nameToritanigasaki Castle
castle construction1591
address11 Jonai, Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture

Hanamaki Castle was the residence of the Morioka clan for generations in the Hanamaki district.

Access to Hanamaki Castle
Approximately 5 minutes by bus from JR Hanamaki Station.

HISTORYAbout Hanamaki Castle

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Kunohe Masazane RebellionHideyoshi's final battle to unify the country
In March 1591, Toyotomi Hideyoshi had almost achieved unification, and the final enemy who stood in his way was Masazane Kunohe, a member of the Nanbu clan. He started a rebellion against the Nanbu family head and his supporter Hideyoshi, and Hideyoshi led the charge.
Kunohe Masazane Rebellion

History of the Morioka clan, whose residence is Hanamaki Castle

Morioka domainsuffered from famine many times
Kita-Ou, which includes Morioka, has been ruled by the Nanbu clan since the early Muromachi period, and is a rare area that was ruled by the Nanbu clan without any change of country or transfer even during the Edo period. Morioka was never an area suitable for rice cultivation, and throughout the Edo period, 7
Morioka domain
Morioka domain DATA
Domain officemorioka castle
old areaNorthern Mutsu Province
stone height200,000 koku
main lordMr. Nanbu
Estimated population120,000 people (first year of Meiji)

Nanbu Nobunao's eldest son, Toshinao, established the domain. It once ruled Tsugaru, but lost its territory due to the defection of Tsugaru Tamenobu (Oura Tamenobu). After that, the feud continued until the end of the Edo period.

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