Urasoe CastleUrasoe City, Okinawa Prefecture

Urasoe Castle DATA
castle constructionearly 12th century
address2-53 Nakama, Urasoe City, Okinawa Prefecture
Access to Urasoe Castle
Approximately 40 minutes by car (public road) from Naha Airport.

HISTORYAbout Urasoe Castle

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Ryukyu invasionSatsuma and the Shimazu clan took control of Ryukyu.
In 1609, the lord of the Satsuma domain, Tadatsune Shimazu (Iehisa) led his army to attack the Ryukyu Kingdom and take control of it. This was an incident known as the "Ryukyu Invasion." This incident is called the Shimazu invasion incident, Shimazu's entry into the Ryukyus, and the dispatch of troops to the Ryukyus.
Ryukyu invasion

History of the Ryukyu Kingdom, whose castle is Urasoe Castle

Ryukyu KingdomProspered through trade
The Ryukyu Kingdom was a monarchy that existed in Okinawa Prefecture from 1429 to 1879. It developed through trade with East Asia, particularly China, Southeast Asia, and Japan, and built up its own unique culture. Even now that the kingdom has disappeared, there are still Ryukyu kings in Okinawa.
Ryukyu Kingdom
Ryukyu Kingdom DATA
royal castleUrasoe Castle
old areaRyukyu
main kingMr. Takashi
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