Amagasaki CastleAmagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture

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Amagasaki Castle DATA
Other nameKotoura Castle, Koto Castle, Amagaoka Castle
castle construction1617
address27 Kitajonai, Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture
telephone number06-6480-5646
Opening hours9:00-17:00 (Admission until 16:30)
closing dayMondays (open if Monday is a holiday, closed the next day), New Year's holidays (December 29th to January 2nd)
Admission feeAdults 500 yen / Elementary, junior high and high school students 250 yen
Access to Amagasaki Castle
Approximately 5 minutes walk from Amagasaki Station on the Hanshin Railway Main Line.

HISTORYAbout Amagasaki Castle

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Battle of Arioka CastleMurashige Araki betrays Nobunaga
In October 1578, Oda Nobunaga suddenly received news. ``Araki Murashige has rebelled!'' Unbelieving, Nobunaga sends a messenger, but the rebellion turns out to be true. This is how the ``Battle of Arioka Castle'' between the Oda army and the Araki army began.
Battle of Arioka Castle

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Takakuni HosokawaFixer in the first half of the Sengoku period
After the Onin War during the Muromachi period, Japan entered the Warring States period. By the way, in the first half of the period known as the Sengoku period, Kyoto became a chaotic time as the shoguns and the Kanrei Hosokawa family dispersed and gathered together. In particular, Takakuni Hosokawa was at the center of this. Takakuni Hosokawa is thin
Takakuni Hosokawa

History of the Amagasaki clan, whose domain is Amagasaki Castle


Toda family crest "Kuyo"

Amagasaki Domain DATA
Domain officeEdo castle
old areaSettsu Province Kawabe District, Muko District, Ubara District, Hachibe District
stone height50,000 koku
main lordTakebe family, Ikeda family, Toda family, Aoyama family, Matsudaira family
Estimated population50,000 people (first year of the Meiji era)
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